Presentation at RESCON14

Today I presented at Birmingham City University’s annual research conference, RESCON. I presented the slides I talked about in my previous post but since that last entry I’ve decided not to pursue the work of Butler further, which I had to explain in my presentation. Further engagement highlighted criticisms of Butler’s approach to performativity, notably the lack of attention to reflexivity and personal agency (Nelson, 2010). Instead I’m looking more into Fairclough’s Critical Discourse Analysis, and particularly his work with Bob Jessop, whose cultural political economy approach is one I am seriously considering.

This post is not to flesh that out however, as I still need to engage further. The purpose of this post is to flag up my first conference presentation, and to share some pictures kindly taken by my colleagues Ian McDonald and Rachel Marsden, who also talks a little bit about my presentation on her blog. Thanks to you both!

IMG_20141215_141936 IMG_20141215_141435 1463972_589902900552_7329198018027574406_n


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