Methodology and literature review outline

I’ve been concentrating on my methodology, and I’ve been thinking┬ácarefully about paradigms and intellectual traditions, and which is best for me to approach my research question. There are two in particular: Interactionism is concerned with understanding the individual and their interactions with other humans. Goffman, George Herbert Mead, among others, influenced this tradition. I’m lookingContinue reading “Methodology and literature review outline”

Picturing the Social Conference, 7 November 2014

Last year’s Researching Social Media conference was one of the best I had ever been to, so when I found out Farida Vis was organising another conference about researching social media I jumped at it, and again it didn’t disappoint. The conference was again part of the ESRC Festival Social Science and part of theContinue reading “Picturing the Social Conference, 7 November 2014”