Social media and identity

I’ll admit, I have several social media profiles and I use all of them in very different ways. I have different friends/followers, talk about different subjects, share different things. I have several online personas.  Aaron Balick has summed it up perfectly in his latest blog post:  “Identities are complex beasts. The are at the sameContinue reading “Social media and identity”

Social Media, the Ego, and the Self | Chinwag – connecting digital people

This is the type of thing I think about whenever I’m scanning my Twitter stream or reading my Facebook news feed. This quote in particular is something I’ve always wondered ever since I started working in social media:  “is the development of “Web 2.0” is changing us in some way, or is it simply aContinue reading “Social Media, the Ego, and the Self | Chinwag – connecting digital people”