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Know Your Place

Today I went to Know Your Place, an event organised by the lovely people at Fused Magazine and BSeen.  The event consisted of talks by various influential people in business and the creative industries, including Andy Hartwell from Substrakt, designer maker Eryka Isaak and Julia Higginbottom of Aquila TV, all centred about freelance and enterprise.

Helga Henry, of Fierce Earth, gave a presentation that tied in perfectly with my final MA project.  She talked about creating your own brand and I picked up some useful tips:

  • Everything about you is a part of your brand, from the work that you create to how you write on your blog.
  • It is imperative that you know your strengths and are able to communicate these confidently.
  • You need to have more than one web presence so that you can be found easily.
  • If you can do a lot of things, don’t say that you are a ‘journalist/designer/photographer/marketer’ – you need to wear different ‘hats’ depending on who you’re talking to so that your message is communicated clearly.  This ties in with having different web presences – you can have different websites dedicated to the different services/products you offer.

I am one of those people who says that I am a ‘journalist/designer/etc…’ and not only can this be confusing for whoever I am talking to, but I also manage to confuse myself.  In my marketing strategy, I need to acknowledge that I can wear different ‘hats’, and be different things to different people, and this could also be reflected in my branding.

A part of marketing myself is obviously networking, and this was the first networking event I have ever been to alone, and it wasn’t half as scary as I thought it would be.  I spoke to quite a few people about my educational magazine business, and I managed to try out different ‘hats’.

I now need to start my MA project and begin research on the different client bases/audiences I want to target.

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