Digital Economy Bill

So, it seems the answer to copyright infringement (well, according to Lord Mandelson) is to disconnect people who engage in illegal file sharing.  This has been outlined in the Digital Economy Bill which was released yesterday.  The heavy-handedness of the proposed legislation contradicts everything in the IPO’s copyright strategy, which emphasised fair and clear legislation that will seek to benefit everyone, including consumers.  

Thankfully, there have been huge protests on Twitter, with the Open Rights Group and Paul Bradshaw encouraging people to contact their MPs and have their say.  ISPs are also in opposition.  

What is Lord Mandelson thinking?  It seems as if this legislation has been thrown together, it is as if he is trying to make a statement to the rest of the world.  What about educating people about copyright law? What about simplifying existing legislation? How has he managed to come to such heavy-handed conclusions?

Hopefully, this bill will never be passed.  We have to make sure it won’t be by signing this petition or contacting your MP.

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