Birmingham as a creative city

Birmingham styles itself as a ‘creative city’, but what is in the city that supports this? Digbeth Photo by ell brown The Custard Factory, situated in Digbeth (Birmingham’s self-styled ‘creative hub’) is home to a number of creative businesses, for example Rhubarb Radio and various design agencies. For me, a ‘creative’ area is synonymous withContinue reading “Birmingham as a creative city”

Digital Economy Bill

So, it seems the answer to copyright infringement (well, according to Lord Mandelson) is to disconnect people who engage in illegal file sharing.  This has been outlined in the Digital Economy Bill which was released yesterday.  The heavy-handedness of the proposed legislation contradicts everything in the IPO’s copyright strategy, which emphasised fair and clear legislation thatContinue reading “Digital Economy Bill”

Wanted: a figurehead for Birmingham’s creative industries

People in the creative industries have a certain cynicism towards the policy makers, and Birmingham is no different.  There are a multitude of reasons of which I won’t go into detail for fear of turning this blog post into a rant. The purpose of this post is to flag up some of my thoughts andContinue reading “Wanted: a figurehead for Birmingham’s creative industries”

Debate, debate…and more debate

Since I began my MA in Media and Creative Enterprise, and in particular the module ‘Creative Industries and Cultural Policy’, my eyes have been opened to just how high the creative/digital industries are on the agenda in Birmingham and the UK in general. There have been numerous meetings and debates over the past month orContinue reading “Debate, debate…and more debate”